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Kim Glo's Fall Festival

Kim Glo's Fall Festival is one of my favorite places to go to in October.  There are lots of fun things to do and they have the best haunted house in the world!  Here are some pictures of me and my cousins at Kim Glo's in 2005.

My cousin Dannielle and me making funny faces

My cousin Brittany and me making funny faces

More funny faces while we wait for the haunted hayride

A picture of an accident scene taken onboard the haunted hayride

A scary man in the corn

The witches cabin in the forest...they haven't had company for a long time so they are very hungry!

The petting zoo at Kim Glo's

Kim Glo's always puts us in the mood for Halloween

Our pumpkins on Halloween night

You can learn more about Kim Glo's Fall Festival at

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